Saturday, October 18, 2008

caught by a meme ...

... and tagged for it by Judy Schubert of Genealogy Traces. Even though she got my name wrong, I forgive her ... so here goes:

Ten years Ago I...
1) was living in Cleveland, Ohio
2) had been sober almost 20 years
3) but was still smoking
4) my youngest two sons were still at home
5) and I had been happily remarried for 3 years

Five things on today's to-do list:
1) find the surface of my desk under all this stuff
2) catch up on my email including the one from a newly discovered 5th cousin
3) work on the local society quarterly
4) chat with another cousin and fellow blogger online
5) make some new to-do lists

Five snacks I enjoy:
1) Cheddar Chex Mix
2) cheese and crackers
3) oysters and crackers
4) doughnuts
5) anything chocolate

Five places I have lived:
1) New Canaan Connecticut
2) Boulder Colorado
3) Sonora Texas
4) Harlan Kentucky
5) Pasadena California

Five jobs I've had:
1) file clerk
2) bookkeeper
3) waitress
4) long distance moving van driver
5) medical insurance eligibility specialist

I couldn't find others I knew to tag so have funked out on that part and simply challenge anyone who wishes to join in to either comment here with it or, if they have a blog, post it there and comment here with the link. If you don't have a blog of your own yet, you could always start one with this meme !!

1 comment:

Judy Shubert said...

Good to get to know you, Holly! Sounds like you've lived in quite a few neat places. My husband worked in Cleveland, Ohio, as contractor about 10 years ago and I enjoyed going to visit him there. We visited Niagara Falls in the winter from there and loved it. I love the town squares in little towns around Cleveland.

Thanks for forgiving me my slip on your name!