Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the interesting and the unexpected ....

... found during the "Would You Care to Comment" Challenge at the looking4ancestors blog which turned out to be even more interesting than I had thought. The first stop of course was the challenging blog,

1) Looking4Ancestors where I naturally commented on the challenge itself.

I've not been in the blogging world for long and only had read a very few with any regularity so I followed up with the ones I knew:

2) Lori Thornton's Smoky Mountain Family Historian and

These are longtime friends and the quality and readability of their work is worth checking out. The sheer beauty of Bob's photographs are worth a visit even when, like me, you have no Mississippi interests at all. 

Through visitors to my blog, I had discovered three more blogs I was already following:

4) Joe Beine's Genealogy Roots Blog with it's reporting on online databases

5) Bill West's West in New England with a flair for storytelling and roots in my own deeply rooted New England

6) Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings where not only did I find an interesting and well written post (Digging in the Putnam Garden of Genealogy Mysteries) but it turns out Randy is a distant cousin of mine through the Bradt family!

Now I had run out of the blogs I had already found for myself and liked so I forged on using links from those blogs to check for more. I found quite a few that were good but I really had no comment on, the topics were too far outside my interests, no blog had been posted in months, or simmply totally useless and I didn't feel that I should comment on just any blog simply to fill the quota. My remaining choices for comments:

7) footnote Maven, one of the most attractive and readable blogs I saw

8) Thomas MacEntee's Destination Austin Family

9) Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers and more by several authors, and an absolute neccesity for this beginner to the blogging world

10) The Virtual Dime Museum and a post on The Elephant hotel mong other posts on NYC area neat stuff.

do I have to stop now??


looking4ancestors said...

Greetings Holly,
Thanks for participating in the challenge. Glad to have you in the genea-blogger community.

looking4ancestors said...

Greetings Holly,
I hope you don't stop. Keep on bloggin' and commentin'! I'm glad you participated in the challenge.